ADM-spoof-NEW.tgz Size: 10kb IP Spoofing script, includes headers. Requires compiling.

fakebo-032.tgz Size: 29kb Fake Back Orfice server for unix.

gammaprog150.tgz Size: 22kb Gammaprog is a bruteforce password cracker for web based e-mail address. Actually was, cause now it supports pop3 cracking too. Currently, and address are supported but you can add your own (See CgiConfig.txt). The program is written in Java, so it should run on any computer equiped with a Java virtual machine. It's not an applet however, it won't run from a web browser. If you don't have a Java virtual machine, you can get one at Get JDK or JRE. JRE is much smaller and if you have no java coding experience it is all you'll probably need. See FAQ.txt for more details.

cgiscan2.c Size: 5kb This asks a web server (on Unix or NT) if it is running services that are known to be exploitable. If it finds them it tells you, but it won't exploit them. I updated this so it looks for some new holes in diffrent types of web servers, and new web server that are coming out on the market. To complie: luser$ gcc cgiscan.c -o cgiscan To use: luser$ ./cgiscan (i.e. ./cgiscan coded by Bronc Buster Size: 3kb crontab controlled socket demon backdoor by n0b0dy (

nmap-2_12.tar Size: 1.3 megs Nmap is a utility for port scanning large networks, although it works fine for single hosts Size: 9kb Spikeman's DoS Attack Tool - Revision 2; To use this program you will need the teadrop, nestea,syndrop, # newtear,bonk,smurf,boink,pepsi,jolt,spring,land,latierra and some and Some other shit you can check the source if needed....

WSD-dns.tgz Size: 15kb Packed with Scripts to have fun with DNS. Spoofing, DoS attacks and other misc stuff. Includes header files.

xenon-r1.tar Size: 50kb [(xenon!irc)]: bitchX-75+linux 2.2.2 ; Irc Script for BitchX Size: 9kb This is actual working code for ip spoofing. Umm.. I guess that's it. Run syn and then rsh immediately afterwards. Run them without any arguments for what to do. by Shok (Matt Conover), Size: 80kb CGI-BIN Bug finder by: asm

boscript-0_2_tar.tar Size: 78kb boscript is a Perl interface to the cDc's Back Orifice Remote Administration Server

cheops-0_55_tar.tar Size: 238kb Cheops is a network "swiss army knife". It's a combination of a variety of network tools to provide system adminstrators and users with a simple interface to managing and accessing their networks. Cheops aims to do for the network what the file manager did for the filesystem. Features include: Network mapping via UDP and/or ICMP packets, port detection using half-open tcp connections (ala halfscan), OS detection using invalid flags on TCP packets (ala queso), Domain scans, ICMP pings, much more. Requires GTK

hunt-1_0.tgz Size: 66kb Hunt is a tool for exploiting well known weaknesses in TCP/IP protocol. Use primarily to hijack connections

traffic-vis-0_22_tar.tar Size: 47kb Network monitoring/auditing tool that can plot communications between hosts on a TCP/IP network

cold-1_0_10.tgz Size: 85kb A network sniffer and protocol analyzer with support for lots of devices and protocols

nessus-unstable-120198.tgz Size: 338kb Nessus security auditing tool. Changes: the plugins are now able to share their results, thus making some tests fasters and some other more accurate, this version features 155 security checks, plugins communicate with each other, speeding up RPC

tcptrace_tar.gz Size: 2 megs Analyzer for tcpdump logfiles

spamshield-1_40_tar.gz Size: 10k Route-based protection against large-scale message floods (spam, mail bombs, etc...). "The war won't be over until the last spammer's head is stuck onto a spear at the city limits

logwatch-1_5_1_tar.tar Size: 33kb LogWatch is a customizable, pluggable log-monitoring system. Easy to use and highly configurable. Now analyzes samba logs

libpcap-0_4_tar.tar Size: 209kb Packet-capturing library. Tcpdump uses this

john-1_6_tar.tar Size: 500kb John The Ripper Unix Password Cracker v1.6

ipsend2_1a_tar.tar Size: 68kb TCP/IP packet-generator which uses a scripting language

ibnc2_0a.tar Size: 71kb IRC proxy server/bouncer. Configurable, multi-user, passwd capable, vhost compatible, logs, more

ethereal-0_5_0_tar.tar Size: 227kb A network protocol analyzer. Examine and capture a wide variety of packet data from live networks

dtk-0_7.tar Size: 481kb Deception Toolkit v0.7 - Tools and tactics based on deception to counter hacking/cracking attacks

hackkit-2_0b.txt Size: 537kb Hacking Kit v2.0.b March/97 by Invisible Evil

fbsd_rootkit_1_2_tar.gz Size: 501kb Free BSD Root Kit

rootkitSunOS.tgz Size: 70kb Root Kit for SunOS Size: 8k Root Kit for Sun Solaris 2.5

thc-uht1.tgz Size: 69kb A compilation of needfull unix hacking tools including backdoors, tunnels, cleaners, etc written by THC members, that compile on various unix platforms.

secure_delete-1_8_tar.tar Size: 28kb This is the tool for you! Securely wipes files, free space on harddisks and swap partitions by a special scientific routine (Paper included). Don't miss this if you want to protect your information

ipgrab-0_6_tar.tar Size: 65kb A packet sniffing tool, based on the Berkeley packet capture library, that prints complete data-link, network and transport layer header information for all packets it sees

redir-1_1_tar.tar Size: 8k TCP Port redirector/bouncer

wgate-bsd_tar.tar Size: 14kb Wingate scanner optimized for BSD platforms

Unix Bible Size: 78,408 Unix Bible, lots of good commands and great unix stuff

Userdump Size: 12,522 UserDump simply lists all users in the Bindery

RootKit v1 Size: 80,179 A kit to obtain Root Access on unix boxes

COPS Size: 409,395 COPS is a collection of about a dozen programs that each attempt to tackle a different problem area of UNIX security

Crack Size: 34,346 CrackLib is a library containing a C function (well, lots of functions really, but you only need to use one of them) which may be used in a "passwd"-like program. The idea is simple: try to prevent users from choosing passwords that could be guessed by "Crack" by filtering them out, at source

Voodoo Size: 4,545 VOODOO UNIX is a mail/flood/bomb program

Merlin Size: 129,409 Merlin is a tool for managing other tools -- it can take a powerful but cryptic command-line tool and provide it with an easy-to-use graphical interface. Merlin comes with support for 5 popular security tool, but it can be extended to support any command-line oriented tool.

Satan (Unix Security Tester) Size: 48,799 SATAN in ZIPPed format (TAR sucks! no compression!)

Security Holes Size: 16,267 Security Holes in Unix and other intresting information

Unix Emulator Size: 710,898 Unix Emulator for DOS. Good for Learning Unix on your DOS pc.

Hacking Unix Size: 16,011 Guide to Hacking Unix

TTY-Watcher v1.0 Size: 41,890 TTY-Watcher is a utility to monitor and control users on a single system.

TTY-Watcher v1.1beta Size: 52,108 TTY-Watcher is a utility to monitor and control users on a single system.

Crack v5 Size: 2,964,507 System Administrators use this to test for bad (easy) passwords on Unix boxes

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